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Satellite Salon // Wunder

March 26, 2012

an evening of art-science conversations

with presentations by:
Rohini Devashar, Wolf von Kries

Berlin Kreuzberg
Monday 26th March 2012

Supported by ECA/ University of Edinburgh

Our presenters:

Rohini Devashar is the current artist in residence at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Her interest in repeated form and pattern has led to her to explore the repeated patterns in maths, music and physics. She lives and works in Delhi and is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer.

Wolf von Kries is a Berlin artist who creates site-specific interventions. The departure point for his projects is usually situated in daily routines or seemingly banal objects which he recontextualizes or manipulates. In the course of this process seemingly unrelated fields (biological, chemical, industrial but also historical or cultural) are intertwined to allow for new reading of our environment.

Our guests:

Stacy Boldrick is Curator of Interpretation at The Fruitmaket Gallery, Edinburgh and Honorary Fellow in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. She was co-curator of Wonder: Painted Sculpture from Medieval England at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (2003), co-editor of Iconoclasm: Contested Objects, Contested Terms (Ashgate, 2007) and is external curator of an exhibition on iconoclasm in Britain from the Reformation to the present, at Tate Britain in Autumn 2013.

Franziska Furter is an artist who lives and works between Berlin and Basel. Weather – that most fundamental yet ethereal of processes – has long captured Furter’s imagination. Perpetually shaping and sculpting nature and humanity, it also lends us an entire language of metaphor. Two of Furter’s solo shows in Paris in 2010 took their names from climatic conditions: bow echo and squall lines.

Timo Nasseri is an artist.  By way of geometry, mathematics and a metaphysical approach to infinity his work fuses sources such as the notion of parallel universes and quantum physics, texts by Jorge Luis Borges, or conceptions of geometry and visual culture from the Islamic context. He was the recipient of the 2011 Abraaj Group Art Prize.

Ivan Seal is an artist who paints from memory. The small scale canvases depict not quite placeable objects, bizarre and exquisite, against various voids, that send the mind on snaking, associative paths. He is represented by Carl Freedman Gallery, London.

Image: Wolf von Kries, Stastny’s invention. Courtesy the artist.

DSC01455 DSC01456 DSC01488 DSC01509 DSC01516 DSC01518 DSC01522

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