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Satellite Salon // Sleep & Dreams

October 20, 2014

an evening of art-science conversations

with presentations by:
Dr Hannah Ahlheim   Christoph Keller   Harald Krutiak​

Berlin Mitte
20th October 2014

Our presenters:

Dr Hannah Ahlheim is Assistant Professor in Modern History at the University of Göttingen. Her current research project The sleep of our dreams. Phantasies of optimisation, limits of control, and the understanding of sleep in Germany and the US (1880-1980) deals with the ways in which modern western societies tried to incorporate the ‘mystery of sleep’ into a world allegedly ruled by rationality and shaped by the requirements of industrialisation.

Christoph Keller is a Berlin-based artist who includes altered states of consciousness as one of his fields of practice. His work on aether and nothingness spawned an exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris which he curated in 2011 and his recent solo exhibition at the Schering Stiftung, Berlin. He currently has a show, Anarcheology, at Esther Schipper gallery, Berlin.

Harald Krutiak​,​ Dipl.-Psych.​,​ ​is ​a hypnotist and hypnotherapist. He is an associate team member of the Research Division Mind and Brain​ at the Charite, Berlin,​ where​ ​functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) ​is used ​to investigate the neural basis of volition and decision-making.​ In addition he has his own​ ​practice for psychotherapy, coaching and supervision.

Our guests:

Prof. Cristiana Bastos is a social anthropologist at the University of Lisbon. Her research interests include history and social studies of science, colonial biopolitics, and the social history of health and welfare. One of her recent publications, Clínica, Arte e Sociedade (2011), investigates the links between artistic practices and therapeutic processes in the field of mental health in 19th and 20th century Brazil.

Max Eipp is an actor, journalist, director and script writer of numerous theatre and TV productions including several Tatort series. His script for the film Wut (2007) won the Goldene Kamera and the Grimme Preis. He has an ongoing interest in shamanic practices.

Jörgen Erkius is Swedish artist based in Berlin who works primarily with drawing and video. He also teaches contemporary Swedish poetry at Viadrina University. He is interested in the possibilities for analyzing lucid dreaming and whether dreams are chronological.

PD Dr. Pascal Grosse is a researcher in the field of neurological sleep medicine and head of the outpatient clinic for adolescents and adults with sleep disorders in the Department of Neurology​ at the ​Charité, Berlin. In addition he is the author of publications on social science and the history of German colonialism and the history of biopolitics in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schnalke is the Director of the Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité. His exhibition on the cult of Asclepius whereby the sick of Ancient Greece would perform the rite of incubation (hoping for a miraculous cure by sleeping in a temple and dreaming of an apt prescription or cure in some form) – is just one of the many exhibitions on medical history he has curated, as well as art exhibitions in a medical context.

Prof. Ella Ziegler is an interdisciplinary artist who teaches Fine Art at the Kunsthochshule Kassel. She makes interventions in public space which capture fleeting moments, highlight the marginal and bring to light the overlooked. These ephemeral works have a second life in exhibitions, lectures and publications.

SATELLITE SALON: SLEEP & DREAMS is brought to you by writer-curator Dr. Sara Barnes and artist Lucy Powell. The salon hosts artists, scientists, writers and curators in various venues in Berlin, Germany and the UK. We aim to establish stimulating dialogue around changing themes, leading to a productive network of interested individuals with an eye to facilitating art/science

Image courtesy of Christoph Keller

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