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Satellite Salon // Mirroring

January 14, 2015

Kreisen_beat_2_3 Kopie

an evening of art-science conversations

with presentations by:
Beat Brogle   Alessandra Pace   Nicole Schuck   Dr. Andrew Wold

Berlin Mitte
14th October 2015

Our presenters:

Beat Brogle is a Swiss artist living in Berlin and Basel. His work investigates issues of morphological transformation and associations at the edge of perception. Together with Nicole Schuck,
he was a 2013 artist in residence at ZiF – Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Forschung at the University of Bielefeld, in a project which deliberately created extended space for ‘attention’ and ‘seeing’ intuitively.

Alessandra Pace is an art historian and curator frequently working at the intersections of art and science. She is currently curator of Mirror Image, a contemporary art exhibition focussing upon proprioception – the way we encounter our feeling of space and how we perceive ourselves in space –  at the Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum.

Nicole Schuck is a Berlin-based artist who makes cartographic drawings where science meets documentation, fiction and reality, featuring animals as the ‘middlemen’ of place and landscape.
As artist in residence at ZIF at the University of Bielefeld together with Beat Brogle, they presented the exhibition Intentional Blindness.

Dr. Andrew Wold is a graduate of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain at Humboldt Universität and a former member of the Neurocomputation and Neuroimaging Unit at the Frei Universität, Berlin and the Mind and Brain research division within the psychiatry department at Charité Campus Mitte, Berlin. His research interests include neuropsychology, body representation, social cognition, and non-invasive brain stimulation.

Our guests:

Dr. Andreas Bröckmann is an art historian, curator and writer across a wide range of projects and former artistic director of transmediale. He is currently Director of the Leuphana Arts Program at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, a research project with three core objectives: promotion of artists, dialogue between art and science and innovation in teaching.

Emanuel Geisser is a Swiss artist based in Berlin who works primarily with installation and video, often setting up laboratory-like situations featuring rotating mirrors, light effects, shifting elements and black holes to destablise the viewer’s perception and investigate how aesthetics function.

Prof. Philippe Hamou is Professor of the History of Early-Modern Philosophy at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense and currently a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for
History of Science in Berlin as part of the projects Artists’ Optical Knowledge and The Human Sensorium. His current research includes early-modern theories of vision and discussion of perceptual experience.

Felix Sattler is the curator of the exhibitions programme at the Tieranatomisches Theatre at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His wide experience in exhibition making and theory includes six years as a researcher and lecturer in the Media Arts & Design programme at the Bauhaus-University and consultancy with the Phyletisches Museum Jena and Vögele Cultural Centre (Switzerland).

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schnalke is a medical historian and the Director of the Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum. He has published and organised numerous exhibitions on the history of medicine as well as curating art exhibitions in medical contexts. In November 2015, the museum will open the exhibition Mirror Image in cooperation with curator Alessandra Pace.

Wolf von Kries is an artist from Berlin with a multidisciplinary practice that encompasses walking, gathering and (re)interpreting or juxtaposing his finds with phenomena of seemingly unrelated fields and disciplines. He has travelled extensively on research residencies and recently published the book M (Notes on the Meander).

SATELLITE SALON: MIRRORING is brought to you by writer-curator Dr. Sara Barnes and artist Lucy Powell. The salon hosts artists, scientists, writers and curators in various venues in Berlin, Germany and the UK. We aim to establish stimulating dialogue around changing themes, leading to a productive network of interested individuals with an eye to facilitating art/science collaboration.

Image courtesy Beat Brogle and Nicole Schuck.

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