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Salon Universitas // Work

October 27, 2015

Greta-Mira-Partecke-Lorettta-Katharina-Bellena81.jpg (JPEG-Grafi

an evening of art-science conversations

with presentations by:
Prof. Dr Christoph Scherrer       Enno Schmidt        Tatjana Turanskyj

Kunsthochschule Kassel
27 October 2015

Our presenters:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer is a professor for Globalization and Politics in the Social Science department, Kassel University. He is also head of the International Centre for Development and Decent Work (ICDD) at Kassel University.

Enno Schmidt is a painter, author and film maker. Since 2006 he has worked to raise awareness and promote the concept of unconditional basic income.

Tatjana Turanskyj is a filmaker, author, producer and partner in turanskyj&ahlrichs*** GbR. She is currently working on the final part of her widely acclaimed “Women & Work Trilogy”.

Our guests:

Dipl.-Psych. Georgios Athanassiou works at the Institute for Work Science and Process Management in the department of Organisation Psychology at Kassel University.

Prof. Jens Brand is an artist and teaches Fine Art at the Art Academy, Kassel.

Birgit Effinger is an art historian and freelance writer. She runs the Goldrausch ArtIT programme for the professionalisation of women artists in Berlin.

Cordula Hamschmidt is the programme coordinator for Literature and Humanities at the House of World Cultures, Berlin and former academic advisor to the German Federal Parliament.

Malin Kuht studies Politics, Economics and Art Education at Kassel University and the Academy of the Arts, Kassel.

Simeon Leisch studies Philosophy and Art Education at the University and Art Academy, Kassel

Dr. Karin Rosing is a junior professor of Business Psychology at the Institute of Psychology, in the department of Human Sciences, Kassel University.

Babak Samari is a guest student from Iran studying Fine Art at the Kassel Art Academy.

Prof. Martin Schmitz is a publisher and guest professor for Product Design at the Kassel Art Academy.

Fritz Laszlo Weber studies Visual Communication at the Art Academy Kassel and is a member of the TOKONOMA platform for young art and club culture, Kassel

SA­LON UNI­VER­SI­TAS // WORK is brought to you by:

Lu­cy Pow­ell is an artist and ini­ti­a­tor of the Satel­lite Sa­lon for art sci­ence con­ver­sa­tions in Ber­lin.

Prof. El­la Zie­gler is an artist and Pro­fes­sor of Fine Art at Kun­sthoch­schule Kas­sel.

* Catering by Gunnar Penz, who studies Art at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Image: Mira Partecke and Katharina Bellena in Eine flexible Frau by Tatjana Turanskyj GER 2010, 97 min

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