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Salon Universitas // Self-Optimization

June 7, 2016


An evening of art-science conversations

with presentations by:
Volker Hänel & Sabine Schrader     Eva Horn    Fabian Pittroff & Norma Tiedemann

Kunsthochschule Kassel
7 June 2016

Our presenters:

Volker Hänel has run the Kassel Student University Theatre together with Ulrike Birgmeier for the past 15 years and is directing the current production # ICH bin ICH bin ICH Regie.

Eva Horn is a political scientist and freelance journalist who lives and works in the Internet.

Fabian Pittroff is a research assistant in the Department of Social Theory at the University of Kassel. He is writing his dissertation on personalization and post-privacy.

Norma Tiedemann is an activist and has recently completed her Masters in Global Political Economy.

Sabine Schrader studies English and Philosophy for Gymnasium Education and performs in the STUK student theatre  at Kassel University.

Our guests:

Feben Amara studies Germans Studies, Fine Art, and History of Art at the University and Art Academy in Kassel.

Prof. Dr. Sonja Buckel is a Professor of Political Theory in the Department of Social Sciences at Kassel University.

Clare Butcher studied Art History at the University of Cape Town. She is a curator and education coordinator for documenta 14, Kassel.

Miriam Carranza studies Fine Art and New Media at the University and Art Academy, Kassel.

Kerstin Honeit is a video artist and teaches Fine Art at the Art Academy, Kassel.

Savita Korte studies Art Education and Philosophy at the University and Art Academy, Kassel.

Paula Mierzowsky studies Fine Art at the Art Academy, Kassel.

Dr. Carsten Ochs is a postdoc at the Institute for Sociology, Kassel working on the research project “Forum Privatheit”.

SA­LON UNI­VER­SI­TAS // SELF-OPTIMIZATION is brought to you by:

Malin Kuht studies Fine Art and Politics&Economics at the University and Art Academy, Kassel.

Lu­cy Pow­ell is an artist and ini­ti­a­tor of the Satel­lite Sa­lon for art-sci­ence con­ver­sa­tions in Ber­lin.

Prof. El­la Zie­gler is an artist and Pro­fes­sor of Fine Art at Kun­sthoch­schule Kas­sel.

* Catering by Gunnar Penz, who studies Art at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Image: Photo from pixabay


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