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Salon Universitas // Relations

May 2, 2017


An evening of art-science conversations

with presentations by:
Prof. Dr. Isabell Lorey   Prof. Dr. Mieke Roscher    Olaf Val

Kunsthochschule Kassel
2 May 2016

Our speakers:

Prof. Dr. Isabell Lorey is a political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies and professor at the Institut für Politikwissenschaften at the Universität Kassel.

Prof. Dr. Mieke Roscher is professor for Human-Animal Studies in Modern and Contemporary History. She is a member of the interdisciplinary research project “Tier – Mensch – Gesellschaft ” in Kassel.

Olaf Val is an artist working with hardware and digital media and head of the interdisciplinary digital media workshop “digipool” at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Our guests:

Feben Amara studies Theory of Art and German Studies at the Universität and
Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Shastika Andara studies Fine Art, researching the connection between sound and social  cohesion in performances and installations.

Aram Bartholl is a guest professor for New Media. As a conceptual artist he works with the relationship between the digital and the physical world.

Natalia Escudero studies Fine Art and in her installations and paintings works with our perception of connections and relationships.

AyŞe Gülec has worked as a social education worker at the Schlachthof, Kassel since 1998, active in the field of migration and cultural education.

Sabiha Keiyf is an art historian and curator at the ZKM Karlsruhe where she curated the 2016 exhibition “Exo-Evolution”, dealing with the field of human-machine interactions.

Diana Krischke M.Sc. is a research associate and member of the research group project “Tier – Mensch – Gesellschaft ” in Kassel for the animal husbandry project
“Ausgezeichnete Rinder, ausgezeichnete Bauern”.

Malin Kuht studies Fine Art and Politics & Economics at the Universität and Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Yuyen Lin-Woywod studies Fine Art at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, dealing in her artistic and curatorial practice with the interplay between individual and societal cultures.

SALON UNIVERSITAS // RELATIONS is brought to you by:

Celian Woywod studies Fine Art at Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Lu­cy Pow­ell is an artist and ini­ti­a­tor of the Satel­lite Sa­lon for art-sci­ence con­ver­sa­tions in Ber­lin.

Prof. El­la Zie­gler is an artist and Pro­fes­sor of Fine Art at Kun­sthoch­schule Kas­sel.

Prof. Heike Kluss­mann  is an artist and Pro­fes­sor for Art and Ar­chi­tec­ture at the Universität Kassel.

* Catering by Gunnar Penz, who studies Art at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

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